The Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine invites you to submit your abstracts for the 5th Annual Academic Sessions that will be held from the 18th – 20th of November 2021 at the Hotel Cinnamon Grand-Colombo. The deadline for abstract submission: 15th  of August 2021.


Please fill in the form as follows.

  • Abstract title:
  • Author information:

Please write the surname of the authors followed by their initials.  Do not use prefixes such as Prof, Dr, Mr, or Mrs. The name of the presenting author should be underlined.


  • Affiliation:

Please use superscript numbers to link each author with his/ her relevant   affiliations.


  • Contact information of the corresponding author:

Please provide the Name, Telephone number, email address and postal address of the corresponding author.


  • Ethical clearance:

Please indicate whether you have obtained ethical clearance for your study, and the name of the institution which granted ethical approval. Please upload the ethical clearance



Formatting of the abstract

Please use font type Times New Roman with font size of 12.

Body of the abstract should contain the following:

  1. Background
  2. Objectives
  3. Methods
  4. Results
  5. Conclusions

Word limit of the abstract is 250. Please indicate the word count at the end of the abstract. Do not include any tables, figures or references.


For any queries:  (Please mention the topic of the abstract in the subject column of the email)




Important points to note.

  • The authors are clearly responsible intellectually and ethically for their work and contents of the paper.
  • If the work has been previously presented or published in past, please state this clearly in the abstract information form.
  • There will be an independent referee board to select abstracts anonymously
  • The presenting author of the abstract should get registered for the conference in order for the paper to be considered for presentation and printed in the Abstract book.
  • Ethical Clearance is needed if the nature of the study requires it.
  • A reference number will be emailed for each abstract, which must be quoted in all further communications.
  • Further information





 Awards for abstracts presented at SIMCON 2021

  1. Best Scientific Abstract : Oral and poster

This award is for the best scientific paper submitted to the AAS.

  1. Best Scientific Abstract from a peripheral hospital

This is to showcase scientific research done by physicians who have taken initiative in the periphery.




Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline : 15th of August  2021.
Abstract acceptance notification : 10th of September  2021