Dr Harsha Sathischandra

SLCIM is commencing its 6th year of existence with a new Council for the year 2021. Since its inception in 2016 it has achieved much in a short span of 5 years to gain recognition as one of the leading Colleges in the country. SIMCON 2020, its Annual Academic Sessions was just concluded in Kandy and it was a resounding success. It was followed by the induction of the new President, and both events were well patronized.

The coming year would be extremely challenging not least because of the vagaries of the Covid 19 pandemic. The chosen theme for this year is ‘Integrating medical expertise for optimal patient care amid a pandemic.’ Members of SLCIM are in the frontline of the battle against Covid 19, working tirelessly under severe constraints. I take this opportunity to pay tribute to them for the great service rendered. The College would endeavour to support them fully by liaising closely with the Ministry of Health.

We have planned a full programme of activities for the year commencing with a series of public webinars coinciding with designated health days. Engaging with the public is of paramount importance for better delivery of health care, and SLCIM has placed much emphasis on this. Several regional meetings and academic activities in collaboration with allied Colleges have been planned, leading up to the Annual Academic Sessions towards the latter part of the tenure of the Council.

Developing a job description for a Specialist in Internal Medicine and facilitating professional development at an individual level would be given priority this year. Defining the role of the internist would ease some of the difficulties encountered by our members in our varied practice settings. I invite all Specialists in Internal Medicine to become members of SLCIM, enabling us to have coordinated activity for the benefit of all. We reach out to all Senior Registrars in Internal Medicine to become associate members of our College and avail themselves of opportunities to advance their careers.

The Council would work hard with focus to make this a fruitful year, and the active participation of all our members is much appreciated. Together we could achieve much not only for our College but also for the health systems of the country with ultimate beneficiaries being our patients.