Best Scientific Abstract

This award is for the best scientific paper submitted to the AAS. Criteria for excellence:
Study design (RCT, Meta analysis, cohort, case control, case series, in that order) Robustness of study design. Principal or first author should be an internal medicine physician or trainee. Less marks if lead authors are from overseas.

Best Scientific Abstract from a peripheral hospital

For innovative research done without support from a university or major research centre. This is to showcase scientific research done by physicians who have taken initiative in the periphery.

Most Innovative Service Improvement Project

This award is for physicians who have done some outstanding work to develop clinical services, especially in the periphery, but not necessarily limited to the periphery, where the project has been spearheaded by a physician. The project must have been completed.

Best Published Paper during the preceding year

Must be in a science citation indexed journal. High impact factor. RCTs or meta analysis given priority, though large cohort or case control studies can also be considered. Case series and case reports not considered. At least 60% of authors should be local, and lead authors should be physicians.